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Other Services

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Ecology and Biodiversity Flora & Fauna Studies


Studies in ecology and biodiversity helps biodiversity managers and scientists to understand how animals and plants survive in the environment and cope with human-induced impacts such as climate change, habitat destruction, invasive species and pollution.


We, at ULTRA TECH, have all facilities and expertise to undertake these sorts of studies to evaluate the impact of development projects on ecology and biodiversity – flora and fauna studies and to suggest mitigation measures.


BAir Quality Related Studies

We undertake air quality related studies like work place air quality  monitoring, traffic related air pollution exposure assessment, studies on health and environment effects of air quality, ambient air quality studies, post clearance mandatory air monitoring etc..


CTraffic Density Analysis Studies

An increase in traffic jams due to fast urbanization and population explosion that enhance the cost of transportation and impacts on human health. We do take traffic density related studies for asserting traffic density on counting passing vehicle, at peak hours and enhancement of pollution at different traffic density.

DVehicular Pollution Analysis Studies

Vehicular emissions have a great impact on the environment including ambient air where some of pollutant levels go beyond National Ambient Air limits. These emissions affect whole ecosystems of the environment. The pollutants include not only emissions from vehicles exhaust, but also fuel evaporation and the resultant secondary pollutants, pollution produced by the wearing down of tires and metals. Generally, all these sources of pollutants have greater impacts on the environment including buildings, water bodies, and ecosystems. Analysis of these impacts on human health can be made to find out mitigation measures for reducing the impacts.


At ULTR TECH, we have facilities, expertise with modern procedures to take up vehicular pollution analysis studies for various clients including transport companies, travel and tours companies, government bodies etc..

ESurface and Ground Water Analysis Studies

We have well developed environmental laboratory with modern instruments, equipments and expertise recognized by MoEFCC, Accredited by NABL and certified by OHSA and ISO quality systems. We take studies related to surface water and ground water like physico-chemical analysis, effects of polluted surface water on ground water etc..

FNoise and Vibration Analysis Studies

Noise and Vibration Analysis studies combine both signal processing and model analysis theory. We do take acoustic studies, vibration studies to find out the extent of impacts on surrounding areas, machines, human health etc.. on having a team of well qualified and experienced approved NV experts.

GAuthorization Services for SHW, E-Waste and Bio Medical Waste

We have developed service packages for obtaining authorization for setting up of SHW systems, E-waste and Bio-medical waste collection, recycling and disposing systems. Also, look into the possibilities of joining hands with investor for setting up of such projects with operational rights with us for any city, municipal corporations, etc..

HRain Harvesting Services

We have rain harvesting expertise and have been appointing stream of experts at our all branches. We have started these services recently and we have been offering these services on cost-benefit basis.

IEnvironmental Lab Setting Services

We have expertise to build state of the art environmental laboratories on turn-key basis and also on consultancy basis.

JAccredited Training Institute for ECs & FAEs

Because of markets are existed for capacity building of NABET accredited EIA organizations and there are few institutes deliver suitable training for the approved experts, we are planning  to start up a training centre to meet the demand.




Project Process Impact Studies like Gold Mining Vs Arsenic Studies

We do take special environmental studies like arsenic impact on soil and ground water, soil erosion and its impacts, disaster management studies, climate change impacts on specific development projects, etc..

BAsbestos nuisance Survey and mitigation

We have expertise to take up special environmental studies like Asbestos used as insulator in buildings, its impacts on human beings with mitigation measures, study of ageing on structural materials in buildings etc..

CPost Project Analysis Studies as per EIA-EMP-QRA studies 

A kind of audit study to find out the deviations in implementing mitigation measures against identified each impacts suggested in EIAs, EMPs and QRA studies.

DEnvironmental Status Reports

We have expertise to prepare statutory Environmental status for various towns, cities, municipalities, corporations etc.. as per the norms and for submitting to concerned authorities.




Air Dispersion Modeling is used by many regulatory agencies as a means of assessing the impact of a facility on the air quality of the surrounding area. In many instances, the results of an Air Dispersion Modeling study will be compared to legislated ambient or ground level air pollution criteria to determine the compliance status of a facility.

What is Air Dispersion Modeling?

Air Dispersion Modeling predicts how pollutants are dispersed in the atmosphere from different pollution sources taking into account building influences, topography, meteorology, downwind distances, and other factors.

In general, all models require two types of data:

  • Information about the source being modeled, including: – pollutant emission rate – location – exit velocity
  • Information about the dispersing characteristics of the meteorology surrounding the source, including: – wind speed and direction – atmospheric stability

The model uses this information to mathematically simulate the pollutant’s downwind dispersion in order to derive estimates of concentration at a specified location. Some models even simulate the chemical transformations and removal processes that can occur along the transport path.

When is Air Dispersion Modeling Used?

Dispersion Modeling may be a required element of any of the following:

  • Environmental Compliance Approval
  • License Applications and Renewals – Air
  • State Permits
  • Compliance Testing Programs

ULTRA TECH Capabilities:

ULTRA TECH Environmental Services has conducted Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling studies for facilities throughout the nation and has extensive experience in the application of the following models:

  • BPIP