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About Us

Environmental services have taken on a new urgency since the beginning of this decade. There has been widespread recognition of the seriousness of the environmental problems at various levels and one consequence of this is the greater importance being attached to Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA], the process of identifying the environmental consequences of human activities, even before begin. The idea of carrying out environmental impact assessment is becoming increasingly familiar to people all around the world, especially in developing countries.

At ULTRA TECH, we perceive the complexity of conducting EIA and take care of all minute issues while producing good quality EIAs and provide services for obtaining environmental clearances for projects coming under various sectors like construction, township, high-rise buildings, industries, forests, irrigation, infrastructure, CRZ, SEZ etc.

Our EIA organization is accredited by QCI:NABET for Building and large construction projects including shopping malls, multiplexes, commercial complexes, housing estates, hospitals, institutions, Townships and Area Development Projects, Sugar industries, Distilleries, Mining, River Valley Projects, Thermal Power Plants, Metallurgical Industry, Cement Plants, Petroleum products storage, Pipelines, CETP, SHW management etc. and we have been always on the developing expertise to enter into more number of project sectors.

Having EIA Coordinators, Environmental engineers, Science graduates, Functional area experts for all areas and management professionals, we also assist our clients in

  • Manufacturing, sourcing, supplying related pollution control equipments and systems, ETP/STP/WTP plants & machineries
  • Operation and maintenance of ETP/STP on annual contract basis – to corporate companies
  • Analytical and monitoring of environmental medias like air, water, waste water, soil, sludge and noise through our MoEF approved laboratory and well trained analytical and sampling team
  • Obtaining CRZ, FC, NOCs for projects in any project sector
  • Conducting QRA, RA, HAZOP studies
  • Conducting Environmental Due Diligence, Social Due Diligence, Environmental Audit, Compliance with respect to environmental norms etc.