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Our Vision, Mission & Objective
Our Vision

Consistently assisting to turn universe into greeniverse.

Our mission

To create and provide unique and innovative environmental solutions for environmental impacting projects coming under various sectors – through impact assessment studies, pollution treatment plants, analyzing & monitoring of environmental medias to completely eradicate or reduce the impact drastically with strict implementation within specified budget to help proponents at one hand and achieving environment protection on the other hand.

  • To assist project proponents
    • In assessing their project impacts on environment through EIA, recommending innovative solutions to reduce or eradicate impacts and there by getting environmental clearances from respective authorities
    • In preparing environmental management plan for their project
    • In pre & post analysis and monitoring of various environmental media’s while getting clearance and implementing the project
    • In setting up of ETP/STP/WTP plants through consultancy, turnkey projects and operation & maintenance services
  • To develop environmental info data on various environmental issues, solutions, norms & policies to assist anyone who needs such info
  • To provide free training in sampling, analysis and monitoring using sampling kits, lab analysis and periodical analysis to students, company environmental executives, NGO’s and any individual who wish to contribute to environmental protection
  • To identify and enhance quality of services beyond the expectations of our valued customers
  • Extending Environmental Laboratory Services to spot analytical systems via introducing mobile labs